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Sweetheart Dinner & Dance Held By B.A.D.D. Council

March 3, 2010

On February 5th, the Hardin B.A.D.D.  Council held their 1st Annual Sweetheart Dinner & Dance at the Hardin-Central gym.  We have had a dance for Valentine's nearly every year, but this year wanted to make it even more special.  We received donations from Wal-Mart and help from parents to have a full-fledged sit down dinner this year.  We began the evening by having 6th graders Tommy Burton, Rhyler Estenbaum, James McGraw, David Klein, Samara Dunson, Addison Penny,  and Marcus Pearon serve the guests salad once they were seated in the gym.  5th graders Ryan Layman and Riley Gorham were in charge of refilling their drinks of tea or water and bussing tables.  Once the 50 junior high and high school students were finished with their salads, the servers removed their plates for them and replaced them with a plate of hot brisket, mashed potates, corn, and roll.  Sponsors Debbie Milligan and Shannon Wollard brought around gravy for those that wished to add to their meal.  After all were served, the young waitresses/waiters/busboys carried around dishes of food for those wishing for refills.  Once the dinner was served and those plates wisked away, the young staff surprised the guests by bringing out a delicious cake provided by Vicki Buhrmeister.

All guests were not only surprised by having a sit down meal and not a serve yourself, but the B.A.D.D. Council and some generous donors provided a wonderful D.J. to provide music for dancing the rest of the night away. 

What a wonderful evening all had!  All due to some great organization by the B.A.D.D. Council, who weren't afraid to get their hands dirty peeling potatoes and managed to decorate tables in the hallway to be moved into the gym immediately following basketball practice, and great parents willing to mash a lot of potatoes and stir some corn.  Thank you to Stephanie Wheeler, Debbie Milligan, and Jamie Penny for all your help in the kitchen, Mrs. Carpenter for allowing us to use your room, Kenny Layman for manning the sign-in desk and helping with cleanup, Bill McGraw for tolerating us, and the Hardin-Central School Board for allowing us to have all our events at the school.  Everyone working together to provide fun for teens without alcohol or drugs!!